Quad City International Airportconcourse and parking lot lighting project

Quad City International Airport chose Republic to upgrade its lighting in both the main concourse area and the exterior lighting in parking lots and streets.

The transformation is extremely noticeable visually. The concourse is now bright and welcoming, and security cameras are more effective, keeping the airport as safe as possible. Customers also have improved peace of mind with better lighting for their vehicles left in the lots for extended periods of time.

These benefits come in addition to draw-dropping energy savings. This allows the airport to offer more competitive fares and invest in other capital projects to further drive growth.

“Republic’s LED lighting solution alerted our utility company of a drastic decrease in energy usage. They suspected faulty meters – we knew it was Republic.”

-Bruce Carter, Director of Aviation

Quad City International Airport

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Project Details

Application Parking Lot
Existing Lighting 400W MH
New Lighting Manufacturer RAB
Product Area Lighting
Annual Energy Reduction 50%
Rebate Cost Coverage 26%

Before and After Photos

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