Handicapped Development CenterInterior Lighting Project

Republic’s former company President, J.S. Kimmel, played a significant role in establishing the Handicapped Development Center, and we are pleased to continue to work with this great organization. Republic provided the Handicapped Development Center with a full LED lighting upgrade to its facility in Davenport, Iowa in 2017.

After upgrading office and work spaces from fluorescent lights, HDC has seen significant benefits and cost savings. New LED fixtures provide terrific quality of light for employees and participants. Complaints of headaches have decreased, “buzzing” from fluorescent lights was completely eliminated, and facilities are now cleaner and safer thanks to increased visibility.

The clean, high quality light is also saving the organization significantly on its energy bill each month, and HDC was able to capitalize on significant utility rebates. The cost of lights will be offset by savings in only a few years.

With the spectacular results, the Handicapped Development Center has also upgraded lighting in its two additional facilities in Davenport.

Republic Lighting at HDC Davenport

“It’s a whole new world. We didn’t realize how poor our lighting was until the new ones were installed.”

  • Jeff Ashcraft, President

Approximately a month following the installation of new lights, HDC received  call from its utility provider wondering if meter service was needed. The energy consumption dropped so dramatically that the utility company thought their reading was incorrect.