Bowe Machineindustrial LED upgrade

Bowe Machine chose Republic to upgrade the lighting in its shop areas.

The decision was easy due to utility savings, rebate coverage, and non-financial benefits. Bowe Machine saves approximately $14,000 per year on its utility costs with new LED lights from Republic. This reduction in kWH of electricity also provides a significant benefit to the environment. (See Pollution and Natural Resource Savings below.)

Bowe Machine was also able to take advantage of massive energy rebates. Rebates covered 44% of the total project cost!

Lastly, LED lighting provides a superior work environment for Bowe Machine employees. Brighter, whiter light provides an energizing environment that maximizes safety and productivity.

“Better lighting, improved safety, an upgraded work environment, and a solution that would pay for itself – all great reasons to consider lighting. Republic showed us the way.”
– Simon Bowe, Owner

Project Details

Application High Bay
Segment Industrial
kWH Saved per Year 174,950
Rebate Cost Coverage 44%
Annual Energy Reduction  $13,996

Pollution Reduction

Global Warming (Carbon Dioxide, CO2) 239,113 lbs
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) 3.63 lbs
Acid Rain (Sulfur Dioxide, SO2) 873.39 lbs
Mercury (Hg) .005 lbs
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) 327.6 lbs

data calculated here:

Natural Resources Savings

Coal 131,200 lbs
Gasoline 13,835 gal
Carbon sequestered by U.S. forest 116 acres

Lighting Photos

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