Arnold's Body ShopShop LED upgrade

“It takes less than 2 years for my energy savings to pay for a remarkable lighting upgrade and keep our facility state of the art for years to come. We had no idea this was possible. Republic did.”
– John Arnold, CEO

Arnold's Body Shop

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Project Details

Segment Commercial
Interior/Exterior Interior
Application High Bay
Manufacturer Juno
Product Juno 632
Number of fixtures 49

Financial Benefits

Annual Operating Expense Reduction  $ 6,731.00
Rebate Cost Coverage 30%
Payback Period 1.7 years
IRR 82%

Pollution Reduction

kWH saved per year 69144
% kWH Reduction 67%
Carbon Dioxide, CO2 Avoided 142654 lbs
Nitrous Oxide, N2O Avoided 1020 lbs
Methane, CH4 Avoided 801 lbs

Natural Resources Savings

Coal (lbs) 51853
Gasoline (gallons) 5468
Carbon sequestered by U.S. forest (acres) 46

Before and After Photos

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