“Better lighting, improved safety, an upgraded work environment, and a solution that would pay for itself – all great reasons to consider lighting. Republic showed us the way.”

Simon Bowe
Owner, Bowe Machine

“Republic helped me save over $6,000 annually in energy costs. Plus, we have much better lighting and will not have to worry about changing a bulb for a decade.”

Greg Kautz
Owner, The Gentry Shop

“Republic’s LED lighting solution alerted our utility company of a drastic decrease in energy usage. They suspected faulty meters – we knew it was Republic.”

Bruce Carter
Director of Aviation, Quad City International Airport

During busy times – it is hard to keep up on everything. Having crib management is peace of mind for us. I can count on everything being stocked accurately on a weekly basis. Technicians and Installers having to run and pick up something during a job is costly so crib stock is very important to our profits.

, Bettendorf Heating

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