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Managing your operation is challenging. With Republic as your partner, you can be confident that you will have the right stock and the right amount at the right time. It’s more than our job, it’s our ResponseAbility™.

With the Republic Crib Management system you can have a customized, organized, stocked and inventoried warehouse right in your facility. Keeping the vital materials you need to get your tasks completed on time and on budget.

Additionally, with the Republic Crib Management system, you will receive timely and accurate reporting to assist you in keeping your business organized and profitable.

Republic’s Crib Management extends the Republic warehouse system into your facility and delivers the right products Right Away.

the 5s system


Our professional staff allows you to focus on the job, not the inventory.


Save time by having the right materials at the right place at the right time.

cost effective

With Crib Management your staff spends more time on their core functions versus searching for MRO products.



Crib Management Process

Before any products are selected, you first have to determine how much space is available at your facility. At the same time, it’s important to look at any racking or shelving opportunities as well as storage bin requirements that may be needed.

Typically, cribs are segmented into five primary product groupings. You can choose to start with any or all of the products within each group.

  • Sheet Metal
  • Installation Supplies
  • Service Repair Parts
  • Shop Fabrication Meterials
  • Electrical Supplies
  • OEM Parts

Using our Crib Management Stock Guide we will work with you to establish the right mix and quantities (min and max numbers) of products that will help you improve your overall job efficiencies. We typically look for the fast moving items that can slow you down if you don’t have them when you need them. It’s possible that you may have several items from any of the above groups, just a few, or none. The mix of products can change at any time.

  • Reduce out of stocks, and therefore costly downtime
  • Obsolete and slow moving inventory will be identified and reduced
  • Barcoding reduces errors and assures consistent products

We will assist with:

  • Cleaning and organizing crib area
  • Assembling racking, shelves and bins
  • Labeling and barcoding bin spaces
  • Staff training (Crib process and/or specific product training)
  • Adherance to the 5S system
    1. Sort
    2. Set Order
    3. Shine
    4. Standardize
    5. Sustain

On a regular basis, our specialist will check stock and replenish your inventory. There is no need for your staff to put away the product, place orders or check on delivery – we do that for you.

  • Refine Count/Replenishment cycle
  • Analyze seasonal trends/needs
  • SKU/Quantity reevaluation/usage reports monthly (continuous reporting that makes the process highly transparent)
  • Crib product request forms – Add SKUs that may not be part of your current product list

Each company is unique. Some things to consider:

  • Purchase order structure
  • How your technicians access the crib inventory
  • Republic eCommerce capabilities
  • The ability to view the quote before issuing a PO/or one blanket PO for all crib stock

Clamshells are available for ideal jobsite management and unmatched flexibility

During busy times – it is hard to keep up on everything. Having crib management is peace of mind for us. I can count on everything being stocked accurately on a weekly basis. Technicians and Installers having to run and pick up something during a job is costly so crib stock is very important to our profits.

, Bettendorf Heating

Republic’s Crib Management services have far exceeded my expectations. It has provided us with significant labor savings throughout our operation.

Chris Baumann
, AAA Northgate

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