Commercial Services

Commercial HVAC projects with technical support, rapid quote response, and jobsite logistics

As a leader in the commercial HVAC industry, Republic allows you to get the right equipment to the right job at the right time. From quoting to purchasing to delivery we‘re here to support you every step of the way.

Once a quote is put through, we‘ll pre-install the key accessories specified, work out the logistics for crane requirements, coordinate delivery and deliver the unit(s) to the jobsite. In addition you‘ll have access to training, technical support and jobsite assistance from our top factory-certified staff. If you want a smooth commercial job process, give us a call today!

About YORK Direct Fit Rooftop Units

Technical Support

Republic’s factory-certified staff provide the resources and assistance you need right away.

Rapid Quote Response

We get you the information you need, when you need it.

Jobsite Logistics

We work hard to make sure your jobs go as smoothly as possible.

distributor installed options (DIOPs) on 3-12.5 ton units

We can pre-install key accessories that saves you time on the job, which makes you more competitive.

Smoke detectors
Hail Guards
Power Exhaust
Fresh Air Hoods
Stationary “MAPS” interface
BACNET interface

*All but the hood is installed and ready to go

Commercial Projects