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How to improve energy usage for an organization: think Republic. Republic specializes in LED lighting retrofits and HVAC systems. We provide the expertise, experience, and resources to give you confidence in your project’s success.

Republic has the unique capability to manage and support both mechanical and electrical segments of energy management projects. We are experts in large and small scale HVAC projects and have vast experience with upgrades to LED lighting.

Regardless of industry or project scale, Republic has the products, technical knowledge, customer service, and fast response times you need to optimize your facility.

To help you optimize your energy usage and decrease utility bills, Republic delivers:

  • Energy Audits
  • Remote energy monitoring
  • Energy optimization
  • Residential & commercial controls

“Better lighting, improved safety, an upgraded work environment, and a solution that would pay for itself – all great reasons to consider lighting. Republic showed us the way.”

Simon Bowe
Owner, Bowe Machine

“Republic helped me save over $6,000 annually in energy costs. Plus, we have much better lighting and will not have to worry about changing a bulb for a decade.”

Greg Kautz
Owner, The Gentry Shop

“Republic’s LED lighting solution alerted our utility company of a drastic decrease in energy usage. They suspected faulty meters – we knew it was Republic.”

Bruce Carter
Director of Aviation, Quad City International Airport

Past Energy Management Projects:

Republic Lighting at HDC Davenport
Handicapped Development Center Lighting
Commercial Rooftop HVAC Installation
Give Warmth Furnace Giveaway
Arnold’s Body Shop
Guardian Industries
Quad City Aiport
Bowe Machine
The Gentry Shop
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